Bunny "Bum"

This Jelly Bums bunny turned out SUPER CUTE - exactly as expected!  I used Knitpicks Crayon yarn – which added perfect texturing. 

He Tells me they fit!

Zsolt’s massive socks ~ European size 43!! Mix-and-Match Rib Sock Recipe (I chose Bamboo Rib). Sizing from afar can be a little tricky, but Silka was able to sneak me his shoe size, and – so I hear – we did pretty well! The color was a bit boring for my liking, but that’s what Vicky was sure her dad liked in socks --- BORING.


To Germany, With Love

Silka’s beaded Northampton Neckerchief.  It turned out SUPER beautifully!  I was very happy with the results.  What I didn’t know when I ordered the yarn (from knitpicks.com), was that there’s enough for TWO projects.  If you’d like to make one of these for yourself, just let me know and I’ll send you my ‘extra’ supplies!


Jelly Bums Cow


Made for Miss Bridgette.  This Jelly Bums cow turned out SUPER CUTE!  You can’t see his little tail, but it definitely adds even more cuteness.   I used Knitpicks Crayon yarn – which added perfect texturing.  Now I’m off to knit him some friends, of course!!

Counting Sheep

My sweet friend, Karin, doesn’t know I made this bag for her birthday!  She doesn’t read my blog, so the surprise is safe.  Felting is SO MUCH FUN – not to mention knitting along the way!  I still need to add the purse handles, but couldn’t wait to show it off.  Do you know what the most AMAZING thing is???   Her birthday isn’t until July!!!   JULY!   I’m early … wonders never cease. 

About half-way knitted.

Before Felting 
Before felting.

Counting Sheep
After Felting!

The pattern is Grazing Sheep Bag by Kathleen Taylor – published in I Heart Felt.


tina cowl2 (2)


An old friend in Oregon sent me this Lofty Buttoned Cowl pattern.  It has a couple of mistakes that I contacted the designer about, but never heard back from her.  Nevertheless, I made the corrections myself and it looks great on TINA!  Knitpicks City Tweed HW “Toad.”

To Amy From Tommy

Sock-It-To-Me Scarf knitted with Noro Kureyon for Tommy ... who's gifting it to his precious grandmother, Amy. Blessings on you both.

Gracefully DONE

Finished assembling my "Graceful Top" last night and even took time to block it before wearing to knitting group this morning. I'm SUPER HAPPY with how it turned out and fits!


I used a totally different yarn - NaturallyCaron.com Country in Deep Taupe - and my gauge was pretty funky. With the rows exact - which I’ve determined is most important for this pattern - I followed directions for the largest size (even though it will end up fittings as the smallest size) because my stitches are so off. Turned out perfect ~ Yay for swatching!

Make That THREE

Finished up another one of these little cardigans! Isn't it super cute?! This morning I'll be delivering it to little baby Bolden. Mind you, it's six months late, but since I made it in a "one year" size, I figure that makes us even!

Baby Sweater Times Two

These two Baby Soft Cardigans were knit for my nephew (size 3 months) and niece (size two years) in Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn. They turned out so cute that I've got another one on my needles!


IPod Touch Carrier

Whipped up this Aran IPod Carrier for my new toy! Used some leftover knitpicks sock yarn. Very fun little pattern available for free on Ravelry.

Anklets In Purple

Someone's getting these for Christmas! Can't tell you who! Knitted them up in Knitpicks Essential Tweed Sock Yarn - "Plum." Mind you, these are a bit small for me - two sizes too small, to be exact - but I was the only model available before they got wrapped up and tucked under the Christmas tree.

Wrap It Around

Skinny scarves are GREAT!! This one was knit up during the Survivor finale and carpool wait times.
Bulky yarn. Size 15 needles.
10 stitches. K1P1 ribbing.
That's it!!
Made two for gifts and thinking about making another for myself!

Grab A Glove

You've seen these little beauties before, but I just finished up three more pairs for Christmas, and that counts! So here they are again. The VERY NEXT pair is going to be for me - in wonderful "Oregano" green. Just need to finish up one more present before then!
My favorite yarn for these is Knitpicks MainLine (75% Pima Cotton, 25% Merino Wool - remember, we live in SoCal, so fashion is more important than warmth!) but it looks like they're clearancing it. No .. No .. NO!! I really like the photo above, but the colors aren't very differentiated. Just in case you care, they are Dusty Lavendar, Red Velvet & Cocoa.

Traveling Diamond

Didn’t like a couple of the squares in the pattern, so I altered them slightly. However, I hated the middle “heart” square and replaced it with this “traveling diamond” found in my stitch dictionary - which became my favorite! I'm thinking of doing a whole scarf in it.

Lorelei On Me

This FANTASTIC pattern is found in YarnPlay by Lisa Shobhana Mason. The bottom section is knit sideways. Next time (already have the "sea blue" yarn) I'll bring the color stripe down a bit and go further up before starting the armholes. Otherwise, this one's a winner!

Toeless For Kricket

Somewhere along the knitting way Kricket decided these must be 'toeless." Being the wild crazy mom that I am, we did just that!  The yarn is TOFUtsies ~ made with soysilk and Chitin (from shrimp & crab shells).

Go Green!

Talk about snuggly socks!! Risata sock yarn from knitpicks, has great texture, subtle marbled coloring, and also some stretchiness. My feet are F-A-R from dainty, so although both socks are now complete, this photo is quite sufficient for display!

Smelling Pretty

Flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting, but you can also find the pattern for free here. I have numerous varied colors of the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn just waiting to be knitted up - it's so soft!

Cabled Cardigan

Bridgette LOVES this cardigan!! I designed it using The Knitter's Handy Book Of Sweater Patterns and incorporated a cable pattern by Fiona Ellis.

My Fetchings

There's always a pair of these Fingerless Fetching Gloves on my needles. They make fantastic "on the go" projects and gifts!

Washcloth Geometry

This hexagonal Mason-Dixon Knitting washcloth is my new favorite. Congratulations to Mari, who won both of these!


Bright anklet socks for Shealyn.  Created with "Simple Stripes" yarn by Knitpicks - which is no longer in production.   Don't remember much about them, but it's clear from the photo that one has a better kitchner stitch than the other!

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